Incorporate a simple, accurate, and effective system to integrate the cash handling process for retailers, banks, and armored carriers.


Our easy-to-use programs enable you to view real-time cash deposit and order activity and unlock new operational, reporting, and cash management capabilities that were previously unavailable under the traditional, paper-based deposit process.

  • Provides Visibility

    Captures real-time deposit data for complete cash visibility and reporting across your network of stores.

  • Enhances Efficiency

    Operates on a web-based system for easy and consistent information exchange across your multiple banking and armored carrier relationships.

  • Decreases Costs

    Eliminates adjustment fees, deposit book supply costs, and all of the administrative tasks and paperwork associated with hand-written, paper deposit books.

Our digital deposit ticket program enables you to create bank deposit tickets on an agnostic system and integrate the ticket with the associated deposit bag for complete visibility, efficiency and standardization.

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Our deposit bag numbering system guarantees that every FRAUDSTOPPER™ deposit bag is sequentially numbered and accounted for in its proper box, enabling you to track every deposit made and even those not made.

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Our cash deposit program combines the power of SureTraxx DT’s digital deposit data with the precision of SureTraxx’s deposit bag numbering system for optimum cash visibility and control.

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Our change order program enables you to easily process change orders on a digital, agnostic system, simplifying the ordering process and increasing control and visibility across your network of stores.

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Our digital cash-by-mail-program enables you to create and track non-traditional bank deposit tickets on an agnostic system and ship your deposits via a 3rd party courier, eliminating the need to invest in smart safes or frequent armored carrier services.

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