By Sam Pearl, Director, Marketing & Communications

The cost of handling cash is extremely expensive if not managed properly. For retailers using traditional paper deposit tickets, our agnostic SureTraxx DT program will automate your cash deposit process and reduce countless hours from your operations. This will enable your stores to reallocate valuable resources and increase storewide efficiency.

When businesses evaluate the benefit of implementing new technology, they focus on the tangible costs and can sometimes underestimate the cost of time associated with routine, manual processes within their organizations. Aside from the tangible cost savings, we’ve outlined other parts of the cash deposit process where you can expect to see significant time savings with SureTraxx DT:

Deposit Preparation

SureTraxx DT automatically calculates your deposits by denomination and clearly displays the currency breakdown on the digital deposit ticket. This speeds up the time that it would take to manually calculate and fill out a deposit ticket by hand. Moreover, SureTraxx DT easily integrates with your POS system and pre-populates your end-of-day cash totals into the program. The simple connection eliminates the need to re-enter your cash information for each new deposit created, removing a redundant step from your deposit preparation process.

Logging and Reporting

Traditional, paper deposit tickets may require daily photocopies, handcrafted spreadsheets, and manual reporting to maintain a complete view of your cash position. Alternatively, SureTraxx DT captures and stores real-time deposit records, automatically creating a deposit history that can be stored indefinitely and integrated with your accounting system. This eliminates all of the time-consuming paperwork, logging, and archiving associated with each paper-based deposit and the reconciliation process.

Research and Exception Handling

Eliminate the time researching lost deposits or reported differences. With SureTraxx DT, your deposit history provides simple look-up capabilities (from a store and corporate level) for an easy and effective audit trail without the need to contact your financial institution. Reports are customizable and can be easily filtered by banking relationship, deposit date, employee responsible, and much more. Our program enables you to avoid the lengthy research process and inefficient trail of paper deposit tickets.

Time Savings for Your Banking Partners

SureTraxx DT also speeds up cash vault and branch operations for your banking partners. Our digital deposit tickets eliminate the manual data entry process for cash deposits. Instead, it enables banks to enter deposit information into their cash vault system by simply scanning or imaging the ticket. SureTraxx DT provides the bank with immediate data notifications, which creates greater visibility of incoming deposits to optimize the efficiency of their receiving and credit functions. These are just a few of the many features that expedite the cash handling process for each financial institution.


You can save valuable time and reduce the cost of handling cash by automating your cash management activity today. Please contact our team of experts if you would like to schedule a consultation and see how we can enhance your operations with SureTraxx DT.