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We bring the future of cash management to your present-day operations. Our team has set the standard for a fully-connected, digital cash supply chain.

About SureTraxx Cash Management Systems Inc.

Founded in 2015, SureTraxx Cash Management Systems Inc. has revolutionized the cash handling industry with digital cash management programs and tools for retailers, banks, and armored carriers. We’re a team of experts with experience in commercial banking, cash vault operations, loss prevention, and deposit bag systems, and we’ve implemented a connectivity and simplicity that’s been missing from the cash handling industry.

  • Our Mission

    To streamline the cash handling process and connect all parties involved through the use of simple technology and easily exchangeable data.

    That’s why we’ve created programs that are deliberately easy to use and fully customizable to work with our customers’ existing cash management processes.

  • Our Vision

    To foster a completely paperless cash management system – through the use of barcode technology – for complete standardization, integration, and visibility across the cash supply chain.

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