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Our Products

Digital Deposit Ticket Program

Empowers retailers to easily create digital deposit tickets, providing all parties with real-time visibility and data exchange along the cash supply chain.

Deposit Bag Numbering System

Guarantees that every FRAUDSTOPPER™ deposit bag is sequentially numbered and accounted for in its proper box, enabling you to track every deposit made and even those not made.

Digital Cash Deposit Program

Combines the power of SureTraxx DT’s digital deposit data with the precision of SureTraxx’s deposit bag numbering system for optimum cash visibility and control.

Change Order Program

Enables retailers to easily transmit change order files to the bank, establishing a simple and efficient cash ordering process with real-time reporting and visibility on all order activity.

Digital Cash Logistics Program & App

Enables armored carriers to create digital manifests and optimize the delivery and visibility of their CIT activity in real-time.

Cash-By-Mail Program

Enables retailers to easily create, track, and ship their digital cash deposits, offering a cost-effective and non-traditional delivery method for remote or low-volume locations.

What Our Clients Say

  • "SureTraxx Cash Management Systems reliably captures the essence of the cash logistics industry like no other product available. Our partnership with SureTraxx has yielded a true and overdue modernization of operations within the cash cycle. The benefits of this process automation tool have been remarkable."

    National Armored Carrier
  • "SureTraxx DT™ is a time-saver for retail operations and management and has increased our visibility for reconciliation. The platform is user-friendly and the customer support is outstanding. In addition, the cost savings and real-time access to historical data are very beneficial."

    Luxury Retail Chain
  • "Before using SureTraxx DT™, we experienced bank adjustment fees that we couldn’t dispute due to lack of information. We now have control and visibility over the deposits that we send to the bank because the program captures digital deposit details in real-time."

    Restaurant Chain
  • "The SureTraxx DT™ program is incredibly easy to use. We have made several banking and location changes and as the profile changes are made online, our digital deposit tickets are updated immediately. It used to take weeks to order and receive new deposit tickets."

    Apparel Chain

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